Winter wonderland

Rachel Schneider , Opinion Writer

“Isn’t it so much fun?” My mom said  this wryly one chilly morning as I scraped my car windows trying to get the frost off. My hands, nose and feet were cold and I still had to eat breakfast before heading off to school. Once the time came to leave, I had to be extra careful while driving because of the icy roads.

This situation made me think of when I was younger and when I didn’t have to scrape frosty windows and all I wanted to do was play in the snow.

At age 10, I loved winter. I would put on my coat, big fluffy snow pants, hat and gloves. I would grab my pink snow boots from out of the closet and slip them on. Then I’d go straight for the big pile of snow in my front yard. From the dense snow, I would create the perfect snowman, or at least try to. My brother would join me sometimes and would throw snowballs at me that went straight down my back. I would chase him until I couldn’t any longer and we would eventually rush back inside for some hot chocolate.

Sometimes, I would even go down to my neighbor’s house to visit my friend, Jenny. She and I would have a blast playing together. We would sled down the gigantic hill in her yard for hours or play a “game” that we were abandoned orphans on the run from an evil man in the middle of winter.

Being teenagers now, we still laugh about all the fun things we imagined as kids.

Winter can really be a drag sometimes and I wish that instead of thinking of it as a burden, I could jump into the big snow pile like when I was a kid. Of course, we all have to grow up.  Some people may perceive it as kind of weird to be a teenager playing in the snow. Then again, it’s okay  to be a kid sometimes.

So scrape those windows but also enjoy the wintertime. Go build that snowman or work on that snow fort or sled down that hill. Enjoy the fact that we have four seasons. It’s all in how you choose to look at it. You’ll miss out if you don’t enjoy the winter wonderland.