Record breaking

Rylee Beardsworth , Sports Writer

4-for-4. A Xavier cross country runner has never qualified for the state meet all four years of high school. That is, until this year.

Xavier’s senior cross country runner, Jack Renning, became the first runner to do this in the state qualifying meet on October 24 in Independence. He placed second with a time of 16:50.3.

“It’s awesome to be the first one to do something,” Renning said.

Accomplishing this feat did not come without hard work and dedication from Renning.

“I had to put a lot of miles in at the summer practices, and then in the fall, I had to continue to run a lot,” Renning said.

Coach Nathan Hopp, the boys’ cross country coach at Xavier, says Renning’s work ethic has helped set him apart from others.

“It’s one thing to put in the work,” Hopp said. “But his understanding of what needs to be done, and why we do certain things during the season, sets him apart from others I have coached over the years.”

Renning used his intellect and diligence to prepare for the state meet in Fort Dodge on November 2.

“I made sure I ran enough to stay in shape but I also allowed myself to taper a bit so I wasrested for the race,” Renning said.

This preparation technique helped Renning achieve his goals of running his personal best for the state course and placing in the top 25. Renning finished 22 at the state meet with a time of 16:42.1, accomplishing both of his goals.

“It felt good to know that all the hard work I had put in for four years had allowed me to come to the point where I was able to get top 25 in the state,” Renning said.

Renning said he looked up to the seniors when he was an underclassmen and they helped push him to reach his goals. This year, that role was reversed.

“He leads by example. He is a great role model for the underclassmen and encourages them to be better each day,” Hopp said.

Renning said his biggest motivation was his teammates who pushed him to aim higher and persevere. His name will remain in the record books at Xavier for years to come.