For that, I’m thankful

Maddie Serbousek, Opinion

Everyone goes through something
difficult in their lives and even the people who look like they’ve got it all figured out, struggle like the rest of us. But no one goes through anything difficult in life alone. For that, I’m thankful.

I have divorced parents. My mom remarried my stepfather, Scott, 10 years ago. When they got married, I not only gained a great stepfather but also an amazing step brother, Cole, and step sister, Miki. I am so thankful for them and I have so much love for them that I don’t consider them as step siblings anymore, they are my siblings.

Unfortunately, when high school began for Cole, he became withdrawn, moody and quiet. He was later diagnosed with depression and began taking medication to help. We all thought the medication was helping, until it wasn’t.

I came home one night after soccer practice to find Scott, my mom and my brother, Mason, waiting in our living room for me. “Cole is in the hospital,” my mom told Mason and I gently. Scott began to cry and went on to explain that Cole had thought about trying to commit suicide. I hugged Scott as he cried and he held onto me like I was the only thing preventing him from falling to the ground.

A few weeks later Cole came home, and everything was normal again, until it wasn’t. Scott and Cole began arguing about anything and everything. Things became very tense and eventually, the constant arguing, pressure and tension became too much for Cole and he snapped. He decided he wanted to live with his mother full-time, insteadofspendingtimewithboth of his parents. My whole family

was shocked. We never thought he would leave us so abruptly, let alone for such a long time.

Eventually, I told my friends about what had happened and they became my strength. I don’t know how I would have gotten through everything if it weren’t for them. For that, I’m thankful. They were there for me when I needed it most, and they are here for me now, as I continue to deal with Cole deciding to live with his mom full-time. It hasn’t been easy for anyone in my family, but we have each other for strength, as well.

Now, I didn’t write this opinion article for anyone’s sympathy. And if I’m being completely honest, I even debated writing it at all, because when I started writing, I couldn’t stop crying. However, a few days before Cole’s birthday, we met up at Taco Bell to catch up and talk about all that had happened in the last four months. He told me he’s happy. For that, I’m thankful.

I still pray Cole and Scott will make up someday and our family will be together again. Though for now, going through what I’ve gone through has helped me become more appreciative for everything and everyone in my life. I am stronger because of everyone who’s helped me along the way. For that, I’m thankful.