Healing that hurts

Ellie Tanko, Opinion Writer

There once was a boy who loved the snow. But one day, he played in it for too long and fell asleep.

There once was a girl who loved candy. But one day, she ate too much, got sick and fell asleep.

There once was a man who loved to balance. But one day, he got too dizzy and fell asleep.

There once was a woman who loved to make friends. But one day, she made too many and decided to fall asleep.

Each story seems a little short, doesn’t it? Didn’t the boy or girl, man or woman have dreams or adventures, fears or hopes? If only we had looked a little earlier in the story, we may have found out. Maybe we could have even helped them create a better ending. If only their story hadn’t ended so soon.

There’s a storm that comes through every year from October 31 to January 1. Some love the storm. But for others, the storm meanssomething much different thangifts, turkey or Halloween candy. For others, it marks another year of losing something or some part of themselves physically or emotionally.

We are all travelers in pain and in joy, heading to the great destination. But right now, as we speak, you are in a position of great decision: do or do not? It starts now. Or it doesn’t start at all.

They say addiction begins in high school. From little things like needing “liquid courage” or experimenting outside of your comfort zone or trying to get over an emotional issue. None of these have bad intentions, but only through innocence can the worst harm arise.

Our bodies are beautiful. They are art. Every detail, every line, every freckle, every hair, every pimple, every fragment. Your eyes shine like waves on the sea in the early morning when you cry. Your smile has the power to lift up someone in their darkest days. Your hand is strong, but soft, asking for help up when you are afraid.

Don’t destroy your art because of problems that won’t matter in half a year, or a year, or two years. Problems go away, you shouldn’t disappear too.

Also, don’t forget that there are angels everywhere. Find the good people. The ones who water your roots and not just your petals. Find the people that will pull you back up on your feet if you hit rock bottom.

It’s okay to need help. It’s okay to reach out. It’s okay to struggle.

Help heals. Reaching out fixeswithin. Struggling builds strength.

There once was a boy who was addicted to cocaine. But one day, he got tired of freezing other people out of his life and got help.

There once was a girl who was addicted to popping pills. But one day, she got tired of the cycle of her sickness and got help.

There once was a man who was addicted to drinking too much and too often. But one day, he was tired of drowning and got help.

There once was a woman who was addicted to people mimicking love to her. But one day, she decided to finally love herself and got help.

The Addiction Hotline Number: 1-800-662-HELP(4357)