Xavier’s mattress fundraiser

Anna Schenkel , Assistant News Editor

Mattress mayhem. 

Xavier is hosting the first ever mattress fundraiser on Saturday, November 16 in the practice gym. This event will help support Xhilaration and Xuberance show choirs, Business Professionals of America(BPA) and Robotics. All sizes of bedding are available to interested buyers, courtesy of Custom Fundraising Solutions. Custom Fundraising Solutions is a company specifically designed to help students fundraise in a unique and rewarding way. They sell mattresses all across the nation to help fundraise for schools and have an annual goal of giving back $10 million to different organizations each year. 

As the assistant moderator for BPA, Mrs. Bridget Lemker was looking for a new BPA fundraiser and she thought this event could be a great way to fundraise for multiple Xavier activities at the same time. She is hoping this will become an annual event for Xavier. 

“It’s nice to be doing a fundraiser where kids don’t have to go door to door and can instead just promote this sale,” Mrs. Lemker said. “This way, friends and family can hear about it easily and will come back because they remember that Xavier does this every year.”

The mattress sale is set up so that anyone walking through feels as though they are at a normal store on November 16. Salesmen will be present, along with 30 to 40 mattresses for people to try out and possibly purchase. Xavier is looking to sell around 60 to 75 beds at this fundraiser to support the mentioned activities. 

If the mattress sale is as successful as it is predicted to be, this could help BPA, show choir and Robotics greatly because it will benefit their programs to help raise money. Students participating in these activities are attempting to spread the word about selling the mattresses to as many people as possible.

As a member of Xavier Xhilaration, junior Carlie Mauss is trying to get as many people involved as she can. 

“I want to help sell mattresses because it’s a great way for me to get involved in my community by encouraging friends and family to support  the  mattress  sale,”  Mauss  said. 

BPA, show choir and Robotics encourage all to come out to the mattress sale and help support these activities along the way.