Respecting life at every moment

Ella Schulte , News Writer

The month of October is often associated with Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness, but it is also recognized by the Catholic Church as Respect Life Month.

According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), October is a month meant to remind many that it is important to set aside time to cherish, defend and protect those who are most vulnerable from the beginning of life to its end, and at every point in between.

This month, a large banner and 4,000 blue and pink flags hug the Ken Charipar baseball field fence, encompassing the campus.

On the banner is a quote by the USCCB, which states, “The life and dignity of every person must be respected and protected at every stage and in every condition.”   

The memorial stands tribute to the thousands of lives lost every day to suicide, capital punishment, abortion and a variety of other causes resulting in the termination of life. 

In addition, a Respect Life Club has recently been formed at Xavier, their mission being to bring awareness to the humanity of the unborn, poor, hungry, marginalized and homeless. 

“I was inspired to start up the club by various Xavier teachers such as Mrs. Jaclyn Richmond, Ms. Gineal Schrunk, Madame Jane Constant and many more who constantly pray for a greater respect for life,” Xavier senior Emma Stadelmann said. “There are countless opportunities to get involved in Respect Life Month. For instance, Xavier students will be offering the rosary in the chapel all throughout October.”

Moderated by Richmond and  Schrunk, the club is composed of Saints who are passionate about protecting and respecting the life and dignity of every person regardless of their condition.

“Respect Life Month hits close to home for me. Three years ago, our son was diagnosed as ‘incompatible with life’ and we started this incredible journey trying to help others see him the way that we saw him…a beautiful gift from God. The very diagnosis of ‘incompatible with life’ always struck me as funny because his kicking, hiccups and movement in utero was the very definition of life,” Richmond said. “The fact that many suggested termination again validated the fact that he must, indeed, be a life if he needed to be terminated. His short time in this world forever changed my small world and I love talking to anyone (pro-life and pro-choice) about our journey and why we believe that unborn life deserves to be protected.”

She then went on to say that understanding other perspectives requires both connection and compassion by capitalizing on the need for more open and honest conversations about what exactly dignity and humanity look like.

So, take time this October to pause, pray and remember that right now, at this very moment in time, there is a grieving mother, a grieving father, a grieving sibling and a grieving friend saying,  

“I wish you were here more than ever.”