Saint steps up to serve

Michele Barnum , News Writer

An important Xavier tradition is continuing this year. Senior Elizabeth Tanko is raising money for Mary’s Meals, a global movement designed to provide help to those in extreme poverty in some of the poorest countries.

Tanko has decided to lead Mary’s Meals at Xavier to distribute meals for students in poverty so they can focus on education instead of  hunger. Many students are more likely to attain an education because they are able to receive at least one meal a day in school. This year, Tanko felt even more inspired to raise money because of her own past.

“When I was little, my dad was deployed to many small African countries where both schooling and food was minimal,” Tanko said. “Being approached by children begging for just a pencil or even a dollar happened quite often. Understanding what we have here in America is special and rare and we should extend our resources to others has led me to the decision to assist this organization.”

Tanko stated this because she is fortunate she is able to help the less fortunate through this cause. She had a competition between the grades for spirit points during homecoming week as a way to gain more support and money. She continued to grab the attention of students by posting posters around the school, writing Twitter posts and making announcements over the intercom for further giving. Teachers and students alike looked forward throughout the year  to this event to help those in need.

“It is always great to have a student who is passionate about an organization and ways to serve,” Campus Ministry Director Mrs. Jody Esker said.

This organization continues to help others that are in need. Everyone can continue to support and donate to Mary’s Meals online year round. The Xavier student body raised over 500 dollars.