So fear not

Ella Schulte , News Writers

180 days.

Each August, students and faculty are reminded of the fact that they have precisely 180 days to make the most out of their time spent as Xavier Saints throughout the school year.
For students, these 180 days are determined by the hierarchy of high school, as one makes their way from freshman year to senior release.

For teachers, these 180 days are filled with taking attendance, signing hall passes and entering grades into Canvas. Per usual, the theme for the upcoming school year was announced during the opening Mass held on the first day of school, Friday, August 23.

Encouraging all those sporting halo crosses on their polos, cars or lanyards to reflect upon the more personal sides of their everyday encounters and struggles, this year’s theme acts as both a souvenir and reminder as to what lies ahead.   

The theme for the 2019-2020 school year is “Fear not for you are clothed in the armor of God.”

“To be gifted with this theme is a reminder that we have an invisible armor and protection. So fear not,” Spanish teacher Sra. Victoria Hoffman said. “I just hope that when we come to Xavier we do not feel invisible, that we feel that this is a safe place. ‘I have got people I can talk to, I have got people I can trust, I have got people I can laugh with. I can grow here and develop my faith here.’”

Not only did Hoffman capitalize on her aspirations for the school as a whole, but she went on to say that she hopes students feel as if they can make mistakes because similar to how home is a forgiving place, school can be one too.  

Regardless of age, title or grade level, this year’s theme focuses on bringing together everyone who unites and uplifts the Xavier Community, from students, faculty and parents, to athletes, coaches and supporters.

Unlike the previous years’ themes, this theme poses a different question, that being, who or what is the armor in your life?

“I think this year’s school theme is very practical and will be obtained throughout the school year. To me, the theme means to trust in God and to do the best you can to believe in Him,” senior Tyler Dupont said. “I never feel doubtful of God’s presence during school or sporting events because our school days are always filled with prayer. On the field, our coaches incorporate our faith through every practice.” 

Dupont also mentioned that his one piece of advice for the underclassmen would be for them to keep their eyes open to new things and people, in addition to trusting the path God has planned for them.

As for the Class of 2020, Dupont encourages students to enjoy each and every day in high school, make their parents proud, accomplish their goals and do big things for the Xavier Community.

So whether a student, faculty member, parent, athlete, coach or supporter, fear not, for you are clothed in the armor of God.

180 days.