Keep on Keeping up

Ella Schulte , Student Life Assistant Editor & News Writer

Since before I can even remember, I’ve never not watched KUWTK. 

For those of you who aren’t avid fans, the acronym stands for the infamous show otherwise known as Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

So it’s safe to assume I’ve always kept up. 

Whether that be planning out my weeks to come in an overpriced Lily Pulitzer agenda (in order to have time to watch the show), reaching the bottom of my Instagram feed almost every night or scrolling through the celebrity gossip pages via Snapchat and Twitter, I’ve perpetually had a hankering to be in the know. 

Although as of lately, I’ve found myself questioning just how important it is to stay constantly up-to-date on the happenings of the lives belonging to individuals so vastly different from my own.

I have slowly realized the celebrities and young teenage girls I idolize (and hope to someday emulate and devote all of my likes and time to) usually center themselves around a facade of materialistic values. 

Therefore, I find it a little confusing that part of me so badly wants to be like them, look like them and live lavishly like them, when in reality I know deep down that I don’t. 

As a Gen Z, I feel as if my generation is composed of individuals focused on what’s going on around them so much so that they forget to craft their own lives around personal experiences, interests and hobbies. 

While anyone could argue that as a quickly evolving society we should leave nothing up to chance by always staying in the loop, I beg to disagree.

Nowadays, so many are criticized for not having the newest iPhone, leaving their phones at home or staying disconnected from social media by simply being unplugged.

When was the last time you let an entire day pass you by without checking your phone or letting unhappy thoughts cloud your mindset?

As I scroll through Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and VSCO, I see thousands upon thousands of beautiful girls. They are tan, wear expensive clothes, and from what I can tell, have lots of friends, resorting to me feeling lesser. 

Take time to peer inside your own life to discover who you are, what you value and who you hope to someday become because you are more than that feeling of being lesser.

When did you grow so out of touch and why do you keep on keeping up?