Old faces, new places

Michele Barnum, News Writer

Every new school year comes with changes. This year Mrs. Gina Kutilek and Mr. Darrin Ellsworth,were welcomed into new leadership positions at Xavier High School. Mrs. Kutilek has taken over Key Club and Mr. Ellsworth has taken over Student Senate.

Mr. Ellsworth assumed the position of moderator for Student Senate after Ms. Sarah Hayes decided to step down from the role.

“All I have done for the Student Senate so far is get them together and listen,” Mr. Ellsworth said. “Your leaders all have great ideas.”

Another change is the role of moderator of Key Club. Mrs. Kutilek wanted this position to be able to better connect with students and lead an event she is passionate about. Mr. Michael Goldsmith decided that Mrs. Kutilek would be a perfect fit and they even attended a Key Club event together in March.

“I was hoping to find a way to interact with students outside of my classroom so I could really get to know them better,” Mrs. Kutilek said. “Key Club is filled with really great kids that love to serve and I think being around a group like this will inspire me to serve more as well.”

Mrs. Kutilek has been making various innovations to Key Club, including QR codes for easier access to sign up for events.  She has been hoping to add more ways to get people involved and excited with Key Club.

Though the changes may seem big to some people, the teachers are ready to embrace their new roles to improve Xavier High School.