Live for yourself

Derrick Voss, A&E Writer

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One thing that has stuck out to me about high school is how, at the end of the day, the only thing a lot of us seem to want is attention and acceptance. The pursuit of those things requires living your life for others, not for yourself. I’m guilty of it, most of my friends are guilty of it, people I rarely talk to are guilty of it. Of course there are exceptions, but the most “popular” kids seem to really care about what they are invited to, who they are seen with and who they talk to. I have learned that is the best way to completely waste your four years.

High school should be a time of self-growth, learning who you are and what you want to do when you finally graduate. Constantly spending your time trying to gain the favor of your peers may bring temporary happiness, but it will also often leave you sad and disappointed. Too many people measure our self-worth by whether or not someone is into us, rather than by our accomplishments.

It’s high school! Why are you worried about that girl who does not want to date you when you could be focusing on school to set yourself up for success in life? Do not worry about that party you didn’t get invited to, get in the gym or the weight room and become the best version of yourself that you can. High school is too short to be upset all the time, spend your time volunteering, competing in a sport or appreciating your family. Friends are still an important part of high school, but deep down we all know who our real friends are. So if you know someone is a “fake” friend, cut them out of your life, associating with them has no purpose in the long run.

Of course your public image matters to a certain extent, being a good person, making friends and meeting new people is important, but if you are obsessed with everyone’s opinion of you, chances are you are going to look back at high school with regret. Find your real friends, find your purpose and find yourself.