Dear Isaac,

Keera Ball, Sports Editor

We, up until this point in our lives, have experienced everything together. We attended school together every day, had classes together and had lockers by each other. We have shared celebrations from every birthday, to our First Communion, to the first day of high school. We posed for senior pictures together, passed our driving test, blew out candles and took turns opening presents. Through every triumph and sorrow in my life, you, my twin brother, have been there right beside me.

The memories we have made are priceless, but as our senior year quickly approaches the end, we will start to part ways and embark on our own journeys. This is it, bud, but the future is bright. We will no longer be recognized as the Ball twins. We will begin to form our own identities, our own friends, and our own lives. As exciting as this will be, it will truly be the first time we are not together. For 18 years we have been side by side, and I would not have survived without you. Thank you for being my rock and supporting me in everything I do. Whether it was a day where we would sing in the car together and laugh, or it was a day when we would not get along, you were always there for me. Even though I might not always have liked it, thank you for being the protective big brother, making me laugh and experiencing life with me.

It has been a blessing having a twin brother. Often we are compared to each other, but to me it was never a competition, I am just glad to have a built-in best friend. Many people will never know what it is like to be a twin, and I will never know what it is like to not be one, but I know I would not want it any other way. Love you always, Keera