Note to self

Olivia Daley, Feature Assistant

Here I am. It’s 2019 and I’m about to graduate. A lot has happened in my four years of high school, some things I had hoped for and some I hadn’t. So many memories, laughs, and tears made with my friends and family. One thing I wish I would have realized sooner was to appreciate life as it’s happening, not after something has happened. All throughout high school I would think to myself, I can’t wait for this to happen, I can’t wait to go on this trip, only three more days until Friday, the list goes on and on. And now, all four years of high school have flown by in a heartbeat. Here are two major things I want my future self to remember: 1. Appreciate the small things

Many days of our lives may be “ordinary days”, but remembering the little things about each day is so important. Yes, maybe you didn’t go to a concert, hang out with your friends all day, or you’re not in Mexico swimming in the ocean right now, but when you look back on life, it is a collection of those ordinary days. I think that is truly important. If we didn’t have any of the little things we love, mine being pretty sunsets and loud music, we would really wish we did. So value them. 2.Live in the moment

Again, stop waiting! We only have one life to live, so stop letting days pass by where you don’t live them to the fullest. We only have so long until all we can do is look back on life. This is very cliche, I know, but high school went by so fast because I was always waiting for something. Value every moment. The other day while I was working, I saw a boyignoring his grandmother by being on his phone for the whole dinner. One day, he will look back and wish he would have lived in the moment and valued the time he had with her, so make the most out of everything so there is no regret.

If I have any more advice for you, it’s this: worry less about making mistakes, make a difference, invest in people who invest in you, and live in the present.

We will always be saying goodbye to things in our life. Those moments will fade, but with those things fading, new opportunities and great things will come. Yes, I’m saying good things end, it’s true, but if we are always aware of life as it’s happening and appreciate the small things in life, everything is going to be okay. With love, Your Future Self