Model UN overview

Derrick Voss, A&E Writer

Aspiring philanthropists, politicians and any other Xavier students had the opportunity to work towards solving world problems such as hunger, poverty and war. Model UN is an educational simulation where college, high school and middle school students work together in order to resolve diplomatic issues, discuss international relations and learn about the processes of the United Nations. Model UN began in the 1920s with the first official Model UN being held in 1949. Model UN is heralded for developing skills such as critical thinking, debating, teamwork, leadership and public speaking along with giving students an awarding opportunity to understand world issues. Xavier’s Model UN team wrapped up their season this past month at the Iowa High School Model United Nations Organization’s spring conference.

Junior Madeline Murphy was initially assigned to represent the United Arab Emirates but was switched to Algeria at the last minute.

“I was in the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural council, which covers larger scale issues. This year, the topics were human trafficking and humanitarian aid,” Murphy said.

Senior Grant Schnoebelen was inspired by his sister to participate in Model UN.

“She always liked it and found it interesting, so I thought I might as well try it” Schnoebelen said.

Xavier’s Model UN team is moderated by social studies teacher Mr. Matt Farrell.

“Model UN is a great opportunity for students to work toward solving world problems such as hunger, poverty and war. Students who participate in Model UN usually leave the conference feeling more connected to the global community. Also, there’s a teen dance party at the conference! Woot!” Mr. Farrell said.

Model UN is open to all students.

“Honestly just go for it. Model UN attracts so many different types of people and you don’t necessarily have to be super knowledgeable to do well. It’s a great experience overall and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to miss school for a couple days and learn more about college, other people and the UN,” Murphy said.

Model UN provides an opportunity to anyone looking for an extracurricular activity involving students from all over Iowa.