Jazz band takes on districts

Hayley Seymour , A&E Writer

Ever since the start of jazz music in the late 1900’s, many have become fans of the genre. Xavier High School’s Jazz Band One (JBO) has fulfilled the desire for jazz music for many. Jazz Band One has reached many milestones this past year, including their most recent competition on March 2. Jazz Band One earned second place at the District Jazz Festival. As a result of placing second, they gained an automatic bid to the Iowa Jazz Championship. In addition, junior Sean Deegan was awarded with Best Soloist for 3A at the festival.

“It felt like my hours of preparation had paid off,” Deegan said.

Senior Callie Fay also won honorable mention at the Jazz Festival.

“It was exciting to receive this award. After working really hard on the music, it feels rewarding to get that kind of recognition,” Fay said.

Jazz music originated in the late 19th century in New Orleans, captivating many listeners at the time. Since the boom of jazz in the 1920s, the music genre has become a major form of music expression for listeners and musicians alike. Jazz music has also been found to alleviate stress, help focus and stimulate the mind. This results in many turning to the genre of music to help study, meditate and complete many other activities. Jazz band members desire to join the band due to different reasons.

“Jazz has always been my favorite genre of music. I looked up to Jazz Band One when I was in middle school and I always wanted to play jazz at a high standard, which Jazz Band One provides,” Deegan said.

The Iowa Jazz Championship is being held in Ames on April 2 with Xavier’s Jazz Band One performing at 3:15 p.m.