Cuisine with Christine

Christine Hilario, A&E Writer

When the stress and toil of the school day is done, many Xavier High School students just want to find someplace to eat. However, between sports, clubs and jobs, that place needs to be convenient while still having good food.

This brings to mind one question: What is the best place to eat near Xavier?

There are many differing opinions concerning this matter.

Junior Emma Stadelmann’s favorite spot to eat near Xavier is Freddy’s.

“Freddy’s is an exceptional place to eat because the staff is extremely friendly, the 80’s bops really add to the aesthetic and it’s an inexpensive place to meet with friends on Friday nights with flexible seating for large groups,” Stadelmann said.

Freddy’s is well-known for their steak burgers, shoestring fries and variety of custards.

For those who like burgers but are not fans of Freddy’s thin steak burgers, sophomore Justin Korbel’s favorite restaurant may be the place to go.

“The best place to eat near Xavier is Saucy Focaccia. Saucy Focaccia has great meals including fries and burgers,” Korbel said. “I really like to order their bacon burger because of the quality of the hamburger meat.”

Considering most high school students are either working minimum wage jobs or are unemployed, the price of food may be an issue, but cheaper fare is also within reach near Xavier.

“The optimal place to eat is Wendy’s because it has the 4 for $4 meal,” junior Kieran Coe said.

The 4 for $4 meal includes a burger, sandwich or wrap with a drink, fries and chicken nuggets.

For those busy running errands for their parents, getting HyVee Chinese food, or “HyChi,” is an easy way to grab a meal while grocery shopping, even if it is not the most authentic.

“I’ll eat HyVee Chinese food, but it’s not as good as real Chinese food,” senior Ethan Nasution said.

Of all the restaurants close to Xavier, one of the most popular is Pancheros. However, some students do not like it as much as others.

“I don’t like Pancheros, but their chips and queso is good,” sophomore Lauren Krzywicki said.

With all these options, it is easy for any busy student to find good food.