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Ellie Tanko, Assistant Opinion Editor

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In the hustle and bustle of busy New York City, we have been given a heart-warming and life-changing tale through the majestic workings of directors Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner. The movie, given a name so appropriately fitting, starred famous actors and actresses such as thee Jerry Seinfeld, thee Oprah Winfrey and thee Chris Rock, each of them wearing their parts with a fervent tenacity that couldn’t be emotionally matched. This legend, this masterpiece, this artistry is the one, the only Bee Movie.

Throughout the film, complexity can be seen, but there are key messages everyone should take into their daily lives. The first lesson defines love among cultures that seem just too different. The harsh life of an Apis mellifera or the European honey bee, can only be led on with the glimmering hope of finally finding true love. Like most of us, love is hard to find; when found, it can be crushed as easily as a bee stuck underneath a tennis ball. But for Barry, it was different. This ray of hope couldn’t be crushed. No matter the racial difference, no matter the distance, no matter the heartbreak— she was the one. Barry did what we all aspire to do: find the one and acquire the target.

Most of us toil and labor everyday over the tedious homework we have. Whether it be extraneous AP Bio labs, never-ending Algebra worksheets or studying for the dreaded PE golf test, Bee Movie stands with us to change our society’s epidemic of working hard.

The first scenes of the movie depict the redundancy each of us might feel in our lives. It lifts us up when we are weak and when we fall to the beliefs that we are purely meant for work and are replaceable. The bravery of Barry shows how we can all defy our redundant bonds of daily life.

Although some lessons from the movie aren’t the greatest to follow, like living haphazardly in the middle of a dangerous urban city, one prominent inscription still remains important. Your dreams— follow them. Big, small, weird, embarrassing, dumb, wild— follow them.

The magic of Bee Movie all falls on the simple question: what would Barry do? It’s tapestry of a plot incorporated a deep emotional love story that defied all bounds, a questioning of social policy and of course learning to follow your dreams. But never forget, when running low on pickup lines always keep in store, “Ya like jazz?”

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Ya like jazz?