Keep trying, keep failing

Lexi Ferden, Opinion Writer

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Little did anyone know how much I hurt when I was rejected from show choir. Little did anyone know how hard it was not getting into cheer or the choir I wanted. Little did anyone know how angry I was when I was always told to “get involved” yet when I tried, it always seemed to backfire. Little did anyone know about me crying constantly because I felt talentless.

Senior Lexi Ferden poses with K-33 on the weekend long retreat. Photo Submitted.

Rejection is something that has quite possibly been one of the worst feelings I have gone through. Failure is a constant recurrence in my life. I’m positive we have all felt unworthy or untalented at some point. But what I never realized was that it is okay to fail. Shout-out to Mrs. Erica Ireland for this advice: keep trying, keep failing.

Why do we fail, and why is this a good thing? Although it’s a painful feeling, it’s also a good lesson. Failing makes you better. Failing allows you to come back for redemption. Remember when our classmates won the state championship football game? Remember when they did it not only once, but twice in a row? Do you remember how incredible that feeling of victory was after years of losses? Anyone can feel a victory like this, but it starts with themselves. It is completely necessary to put in hard work and dedication to get to where you want to be.

I wasn’t involved in a single activity until senior year. After being rejected from different things like cheer, a job and many more, I never felt it necessary for me to try again because I was afraid I was going to fail again. I was scared of not being good enough. This was not a great mind-set to have. It’s okay to not be the absolute best at everything because somebody will always be better. Everyone has forever told me to keep trying, but never to keep failing. Nobody ever told me that it was okay to fail, so I thought of it as embarrassing whenever I did.

Before senior year, I promised myself I would get involved in some way. I was not going to “live out” my last year of high school stuck in my bedroom wishing I had been included in some sort of activity. So, what did I become involved in? The answer is right before your eyes, literally. Writing has always been a passion of mine and being involved as an opinion writer in The Xpress newspaper is one of my absolute favorite things I’ve had the privilege to do. I found that it was so important to pursue the things I love.

I am currently working at St. Jude’s childcare, and it’s probably the biggest highlight of my day receiving so many hugs and “I love you’s” as well as working with an incredible staff. The kiddos are the ones who make me feel worth so much more than I think I am.

Another incredible opportunity I’ve been beyond blessed to be a part of was Kairos 33. I was able to lead a group of juniors along with a wonderful team so that they could grow in their faith and relationships with others. To be fully honest, I was nervous to apply because I was worried about what the outcome would be and if I would be good enough. This journey allowed me to open my eyes. It doesn’t matter who you are, you are worth more than you realize. Not only was I able to help others, I was able to help myself. It was truly worth the long wait.

What you’ve been working hard for will one day pay off in the end and will give you such a wonderful, fulfilling feeling. Take what you love to the next level. Never give up because you’ll never get to where you’d like to be. Put passion, love and dedication into your goals. But most importantly, don’t be afraid to fail. Keep trying, keep failing.

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Keep trying, keep failing