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Cate Tucker, News Assistant Editor

For many, winter means bitter temperatures, slick roads and shoveling the driveway for hours. Winter also means snow forts, snowmen and ice sculptures. For Canada resident Robert Greenfield, the recent heavy snowfall presented a great art opportunity: shoveling the snow to create Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”. Naming it the “Snowna Lisa”, Greenfield created this image in his backyard ice rink to make the most out of the winter weather that hit Ontario, according to UPI.

Toronto resident Robert Greenfield shovels the snow on his ice rink to look like the “Mona Lisa”. UPI Photo.

After posting a time-lapse on YouTube, the Toronto resident started to receive attention for how close of a resemblance his artwork was to Da Vinci’s. He then wrote on a Facebook post how it would be hanging in the Igloouvre- making a reference to the famous Louvre museum in Paris, France where the “Mona Lisa” currently resides.

What started out as a way to create humor from dreaded winter weather conditions, served as a reminder to make the best out of less than ideal situations.