Song for eternity

Michele Barnum , News Writer

Music can last for an eternity. Deep in the Nambi Desert, in Africa, it does. Max Siedentopf, a Namibian-German artist, created an exhibit in the desert that can play music forever.

According to Sky News, this installation plays “Africa” by Toto on repeat for eternity. He attached six speakers to an MP3 player powered by solar panels. The exact location is unknown to everyone but the artist.

Cover of the song “Africa” by the American band, Toto. Bing Photo.

On Siedentopf’s website, he posted a blog entitled “Toto Forever.” He said he wants to pay tribute to the most popular song of the last four decades.

This is not the first time “Africa” has been played on repeat. A music venue in Bristol played the song for 12 hours to raise money for charity. In Camden, London, a Burger King played the song all day after a Twitter campaign.

As long as the sun is shining, “Africa” will continue playing for eternity.