Choosing own path

Caitlynn Daniels, Sports Writer

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Everyone has the option to follow in their sibling’s footsteps or to create their own path. Sophomore bowler, Kaitlyn Buenzow, has decided to create her own.

Although Buenzow is a bowler, just like her brother Michael Buenzow (X17), she feels as though that is one of their only similarities.

“I am my own person who makes my own choices,” Kaitlyn Buenzow said. “I just happen to enjoy bowling.”

The siblings both enjoy bowling but do not often find themselves talking about it.

“We do not really talk about bowling,” Kaitlyn Buenzow said. “Once or twice a year we will just go out and bowl for fun.”

Kaitlyn Buenzow has been bowling since she was six and worked hard to earn a varsity spot as a freshman.

“I earned my spot because of my capability and skill, not because I am Michael’s little sister,” Kaitlyn Buenzow said.

One goal Kaitlyn Buenzow has for this season is to make it to state or shoot a 300 game. Her favorite part about bowling is not her individual success but the relationships she makes along the way.

“My favorite part about bowling is meeting new people,” Kaitlyn Buenzow said. “I have friends from multiple different schools because of it.”

Coach, Russ Camacho mentioned Buenzow has a lot of pressure on her because she is one of the better bowlers.

“Kaitlyn needs to believe in herself more because she has the capability to be really good,” Coach Camacho said.

The Saints will be back in action against Western Dubuque on Tuesday, February 5 at 3 p.m. at May City Bowl.

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