Simple times, please come back

Lexi Ferden, Opinion Writer

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It seems just yesterday I was outside burning off energy with my neighbors while our parents stayed out around the bonfire until 2 a.m. It seems like just yesterday I was playing “hut, hut, hike” with my dad. It seems like just yesterday I was getting Mickey Mouse coloring sheets instead of long research papers. It seems like just yesterday I was carefree. But the thing is, it wasn’t just yesterday. These simple memories occurred years ago.

As I’ve gotten older, I find myself looking through old photo albums and watching home videos more and more. I see all of these pictures from my past and my family’s past and think, “The good ol’ days, when times were simpler.” But, what I never asked myself was, “Why?” Why were these times simpler? Maybe it was because the lack of social media made times easier, or maybe even, it was the fact that I was just getting older.

Lexi Ferden often spent time outside as a child enjoying the simpler times. Photo Submitted.

Too often, we can all agree as time goes on in our lives, it becomes more difficult to see the magic in the little things. I mean, when we were younger, we could imagine an entire world inside a boring old cardboard box. And now, we throw it away. You must be thinking, “Lexi, you’re crazy.” I mean, maybe. But no, I’m not saying, “Go play with a cardboard box!” What I am saying, though, is be simple. Find the fun in things you don’t find fun. Wake up early next Christmas and run downstairs like you did as a child. Dance around outside in the rain and sing your favorite songs. Be creative, be simple! It’s okay to act like a kid sometimes because to be honest, kids are some of the happiest people you’ll come across.

You know how most people view their grandparents as the most genuine, caring, simple, loving people? I strongly believe this is because they didn’t have things like technology when they were younger. They had no choice other than to actually spend quality time with their friends and family. That is something I admire about my grandparents. It’s truly precious. They set such an incredible example for younger generations without even realizing what they’re doing. Putting your phone down and enjoying the time you spend with your friends or family will help build relationships and memories that will actually be remembered. Quality time, eye contact and actually listening to another person are more crucial than you’d think.

So, I plead you to live like you did when you were younger. Take pictures and print them out so you can put them into a photo album and look back. Take videos to remember what life was like in the past. Listen to people and build relationships in person. Live a simple life now so you don’t dwell on it later.

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