People are not stairs

Grace Ries, Assistant Sports Editor

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It was a Tuesday afternoon when I heard from a kid, who heard from another kid, that the popular girl was having people over this Saturday. Although I hated her, all of my friends were invited. That meant I needed to find a way to get myself there. I talked to her every chance I could that week, sat by her at lunch, walked with her in the hallways, ignoring all my true friends. I should’ve depended on my true friends instead of the fake ones, because I ended up not being invited anyway.

Have you ever “stepped” on someone to get to the highest popularity or get to the best party? Or, have you been the one being “stepped” on?

In life, most people will do whatever it takes to get to the top. Some people have the need to please others; these are the people pleasers. I myself have been someone to please other people’s needs before my own.

Junior Grace Ries reminds people to not be social climbers. Photo Submitted.

However, have I been the one to “step” on someone? Probably. Have I been “stepped” on? Yes, so many times. This behavior needs to stop because, in the end, this will come back to turn on you, like it did for me. I drifted away from the good relationships I had to be friends with someone who was only temporary.

Don’t be a social climber. Popularity isn’t a necessity of life and you don’t always have to be on top. The grass may be greener with the most popular person, but it will always be greenest when you’re at the highest level of happiness with the people you love.

Friends should be people who make you happy, support you through problems, have fun with you and make memories. They aren’t there to be used like a floor mat or stairs. People aren’t stairs. You can’t use them to get to the top of the pyramid and think everyone is going to praise you in the end.

Stuff like this ruins reputations and can make others feel unwanted, miserable, or like they shouldn’t be here.

Don’t be the one to make someone feel that way. In the end, you have to think, how would you feel if someone used you as stairs for their social ladder?  Assistant Sports Editor

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