Hey grandpa

Ellie Tanko, Assistant Opinion Editor

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Hey Grandpa, it’s me. I’m sure you’re having fun up there right now finishing Christmas celebrations, bringing in the new year, and most importantly, being able to celebrate another one of your daughter’s birthdays. I wanted you to know that while your daughter was wrapping up Christmas presents earlier this winter, she heard something that she hadn’t heard in 20 years. 

 The song’s name was “Thank God for Kids” by The Oak Ridge Boys. After the song had played, she came out of her room, mouth wide open, eyes shimmering with tears and cheeks flushed. She said in a hushed voice that you used to sing that song to her. She told me stories of past Christmas memories with you and how you always made things fun

As you know, my mom is strong. She is kind. And most of all, she is loving. She hasn’t always had the easiest path of life, but when it gets hard, people on the outside can’t tell because she silently and patiently handles her burdens to avoid hurting other people.

Growing up, she always told me that you were one of the only people that made her feel loved. Growing up, she always made me feel loved. Because of you, my mom is the person she is today and I couldn’t give a bigger thank you if I wanted to.

Mothers make the world run. Without them, none of us would be here. Sure, everyone may not get along with their moms all the time, but mothers try so hard. They try to be the best they can for their kids and families. They try so hard to mend the hardships their household goes through. Their anger expressed through fighting is only a representation of how they care immensely about those they argue with. Try to find a selfish reason why a mother would set a curfew for her kids, or maybe tell her kids to eat the right things or tell her kids to hang out with nicer people. Mothers don’t have a hidden intention or a reason to raise their kids correctly.

Because of these strong women who sacrifice their time and well-being, the world continues to grow learning the message of love that moms gift to their kids. Because of these brave women, we learn that our dreams are achievable with hardwork and patience.

 Thank you mom. Happy birthday, and I’m sorry your dad couldn’t be here. We both love you so much. Thank you for teaching me my importance and value. Although The Oak Ridge Boys sang “do you ever stop to think or wonder why the nearest thing to heaven is a child?”, I’d have to say that moms are the closest thing to Heaven.

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