Communication is everything

Kieran Coe, Opinion Writer

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One of the most important things to me is communication. Whether it’s a friendship, business relationship or a romantic relationship, communication is at the base of all of these. Without it, everything falls apart. Therefore, you can imagine my frustration with the communication at Xavier.

The communication between Xavier and its students is seriously lacking. For example, recently there was a prayer service scheduled during Xcel. The problem was that Xavier never told us about it- I just showed up to Xcel, planning to meet with some teachers and study for an upcoming pre-calculus test, but I was out of luck. If I had been told that Xcel would be occupied that day, I could’ve planned ahead.

There has also been a lack in communication with dress days, school rules and other important events. I wasn’t the only one who showed up in dress code on a Spirit Day in November.

I don’t know the exact system Xavier currently has for communicating with students, and that’s ironically due to the lack of communication. Sometimes schedule changes or other upcoming news is tweeted by Xavier or Ms. Olson, but not always. While this can help students, not every student has Twitter, let alone follows Xavier and reads their tweets. Sometimes teachers inform us of what will happen in the coming days, but it seems informal and not a concrete communication system. Also, there are sometimes an announcement will be made on the intercom, but this is usually limited to upcoming games or performances, or the praise of our students in one of those activities.

This “system” does not work.

Instead of this current “system”, the best way to communicate with students would be to have whoever is in charge of communication send us a weekly email. Every week, an email gets sent out with any information relevant to Xavier students such as schedule changes, casual dress days or fun activities. This way Xavier reaches us through a medium all of us have, and we can actually know what’s going on at Xavier.


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