Filling big shoes

Libby Arnold, Sports Writer

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The Xavier girls’ bowling team is looking to fill big shoes.

“We graduated a lot of bowlers who have been with the program for four years, so we have more bowlers with limited varsity experience that will need to be major contributors for a successful season,” Coach Russ Camacho said.

One of those bowlers is junior Ellie Marovets.

“Ellie has the potential to be a stud for us. She has been improving significantly for us the last few years,” Coach Camacho said.

The girls’ team placed fifth out of 17 teams in the Bakers Tournament on Saturday, December 7. That was not enough for Marovets.

“After our Bakers Tournament on Saturday, I bowled three more games for fun,” Marovets said.

Marovets began bowling in elementary school at St. Pius X Elementary School.

“We  used to throw rubber bowling balls at pins for gym class and at the end of a unit we would take a field trip to the bowling alley,” Marovets said.

Bowling in elementary school sparked Marovets’ passion.

“I think bowling at St. Pius put a positive perspective in my mind so when I think of bowling it will be positive memories,” Marovets said.

Now that Marovets is an upperclassman, she is looking to lead the team in other ways than just knocking down pins.

“My role as an upperclassman is to be a role model for the underclassmen and to always be supportive and encouraging,” Marovets said.

Marovets said what she loves about bowling is her team and when she hits a perfect strike.

The Saints competed  against Dubuque Senior on Thursday, December 20 at May City Bowl. The team is back in action on Friday, January 4 against Cedar Falls at Maple Lanes Bowling Alley.


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