Three questions

Maddy Andresen, Photo Editor

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 Life is short and the future is unpredictable, so it’s necessary to make sure you are constantly living a life that’s worth living. If you died today, would you be satisfied with the life you lived? If not, then start asking yourself these three questions on a daily basis and start to make a change in your life.

     Ask yourself… did I live? Did you do the things you wanted to accomplish or did you keep putting everything off until “tomorrow”? Instead of waiting for a day that might not ever come, do it now. Go on that road trip to go hiking in Utah that you were always too reluctant to go on. Plan that vacation to a warm beach in South Carolina that you always wanted to experience. Or start even smaller than that…. Talk to that person you sit next to in class that you are too scared to talk to. Say yes to the lowkey concert that’s on a weekday. Speak your mind freely and express all your crazy thoughts instead of holding everything back. These are all simple things that I try to do, and they have made a change for the better in my life. They can make a change in yours too. Live a life that is worth living.

     Ask yourself… did I love? Did you open your heart and let love in, or did you close yourself off because you were too scared of the pain it could cause? I’m guilty of being too scared to experience loss, therefore I didn’t accept the love. Then I realized, no love is no way to live. There are people in your life for a reason. One of those reasons is to love and be loved in return. Establish those deep connections with friends instead of keeping it superficial. Stay up late to talk to and comfort that person that needs you instead of letting someone else do it. Constantly reassure the people in your life of their worth and how important they are to you. Don’t just say you love, show love. The bigger your heart is, the fuller your life can be and the bigger the impact you have on the world. Live a life full of love.

     Ask yourself… did I do things that mattered? Did you make each day count and each decision worthwhile, or did you do things just to do them? Do you stay at your job because it makes the most money or does it make you happy and allow you to make others happy as well? Stop driving past the homeless man on the intersection, and instead, give him a dollar to make his day. Smile at the stranger on the sidewalk instead of looking the other way; a smile can go a long way. Sign up for that volunteer event that’s on a Saturday morning instead of sleeping in. These are small things that each of us are capable of but the more small things we each do, the bigger the impact. The world is full of self absorbed, careless people, but don’t fall into that trap. Be different and make a difference. Live a life that was filled with things that actually matter.

     Most of my life, I always looked forward to the future to accomplish all of my dreams and aspirations. The future was when I would finally do the things I always said I would. But then I realized, what if my future is cut short?I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to die knowing that I didn’t live enough, love enough or matter enough. I stopped depending on the future to live a life I wanted. I changed my mindset and started by doing the small things because I know that they will eventually add up to big things and make my life a life that is meaningful. So start living loudly, loving deeply and doing things that truly matter.

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