Merry Consumerism

Emma Stadelmann, Opinion Writer

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Ah, the Christmas season. Or should I say, the holiday season, my bad! I know I enjoy the Christmas season- that time of year where we celebrate inflatable lawn decorations, a funny man in a red suit and of course, epic sales!

It takes a few signs for me to recognize that it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit. The advertisements are usually a good indicator. Once the commercials start incorporating sleigh bells into upbeat music, you know it’s time to celebrate! Celebrate what, exactly? Don’t worry about it. Remember, Christmas is all about singing carols, having fun, presents and visiting Santa at the mall! When your kids need an explanation for why we celebrate Christmas, don’t think about it too hard. When they’re young, just push the Santa idea for as long as they’ll take it, and when they won’t anymore, replace that facade with whatever fits your fancy. “The season of giving and joy?” Go for it. It’s just the festive time of the year when Starbucks puts reindeer on their cups and peppermint in their drinks, the seasonal Hallmark movies are on TV, our radio stations are graced with holiday music and we can finally pull out our ugly sweaters.

You may be wondering how to start celebrating, seeing as Christmas, or, ah, the holidays, are here. And the big stores have got you covered! Sales start in October and last through January! Plenty of time to catch all of the best deals. Get all of your decorations first, but then it’s time for gifts. It’s absolutely necessary that you get everyone the right gifts at great prices. Gift giving, after all, is the backbone of Christmas.

On the days leading up to Christmas, ah… the holidays, excuse me, you may be wondering how to make the year special. Remember that church you went to for the last big holiday? Easter? Well, they’re having something called a Mass on Christmas. It seems pretty Christmassy, so you’d better get your kids in their Sunday best, snap a few photos and make an appearance. It might be a little confusing, but they usually tell that nice Christmas story about Jesus being born; how quaint. They might talk about this thing called Advent– but don’t worry about that. It’s probably not super relevant to Christmas or you.

Anyway, after you’re done with the formalities, say goodbye to the good old church; you’ll be back for Easter! Go back to your home to celebrate whatever Christmas means to you. Don’t ponder the origins. It’s just a holiday, who says it has to mean anything?

Merry Christmas, I mean, Happy Holidays!

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