High hopes, big goals

Libby Arnold, Sports Writer

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Being a swimmer means countless hours in the pool and hard-core workouts. Four Xavier students take on that challenge.

Senior Rory Bostwick, junior Mitchell Talyat, sophomore Ethan Williams, and freshman Spencer Kramer are the only boy swimmers representing Xavier.

Bostwick, Talyat, and Williams are a part of the Washington boys’ co-op.

“It is never work because I enjoy it. Swimming is always fun for me,” Williams said.

Many swimmers’ main focus is to have the fastest times, but Williams has additional goals in mind.

“I want to drop time, be the fastest 500 free teammate, and have the best blonde hair,” Williams said.

A tradition for most swimmers is dying their hair blonde, then shaving it, as a team.

“We do this in order to stand out and be united as a team,” Williams said.

The swimmers have high hopes and big goals for the season.  Talyat, has one word to describe what he is looking forward to: “winning”.

Kramer is a freshman and is just beginning his swimming career for the Kennedy boys’ co-op.

“I am looking forward to getting to know my teammates and doing well at meets,” Kramer said. “It is fun to be with the upperclassmen.”

Kramer swam for a club team to help prepare for his high school debut.

“Club helped me stay in shape and work on my form,”  Kramer said.

The Warriors compete at home against Bettendorf on Tuesday, December 11 at 6 p.m. The Cougars’ next meet is at Marshalltown High School against Atlantic, Marshalltown, Newton, Spencer and Waterloo West on Saturday, December 8 at noon.


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