Tyler Reid takes on Deloris Van Cartier

It is that time of the year again when the Regis LaSalle Theatre is filled with show tunes, high notes and now nuns. The Xavier drama department’s musical of choice is none other than the feel-good comedy, Broadway hit Sister Act. Deloris Van Cartier, the aspiring singer, is the main character in the show and the student stepping into the role is  junior Tyler Reid.

“It’s extremely exciting to be in the musical! I’ve never been a part of an actual musical before so this is a completely new experience for me which is very exciting,” Reid said. “However, I am also very nervous to be the lead. It’s a very big responsibility to have a ton of lines and song lyrics to memorize, and performing in front of a bunch of people is always really daunting.”

Along with the responsibility of memorizing her lines, Reid also feels as though she displays her leadership while also looking up to others for guidance.

“I feel as though I have somewhat of a leadership role in the musical especially because I am an upperclassman, but I have to remember also this is my first musical. I look up to others who have more experience than me,” Reid said.

Reid is not the only person excited for her performance. Senior Alli Scallon is playing the antagonist, Mother Superior. Even though Reid and Scallon’s characters do not see eye to eye, both support and help each other.

“Our characters are very different, but Tyler and I have bonded by giving each other support and encouragement. We believe in each other and it makes the show run a lot smoother. Sometimes it gets hard to be mean to her on stage because I adore her personality and like her as a person,” Scallon said.

While portraying a confident woman such as Deloris, Reid claims that she in return became confident herself.

“This experience has helped me a lot with my confidence as a singer and performer. The role comes pretty naturally for me, but I’ve had a bit of help from others to really get the hang of it,” Reid said.

The cast and crew of Sister Act performed two shows on November 9-10 at 7 p.m. and one show on November 11 at 2 p.m.