All-State process

Christine Hilario, A&E Writer

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“Nothing worth doing is ever easy,” is a phrase often said to band students by band director Ms. Kelli Swehla. This sentiment is especially true for young musicians who auditioned for the Iowa All-State Music Festival. This festival is an annual regional representation of the best high school musicians in Iowa. Juniors Emma Stadelmann and Juliana Karl auditioned for the first time while senior Callie Fay auditioned for the third time.

Stadelmann auditioned for the All-State Band and Orchestra on trumpet.

“I chose to audition because even if I didn’t make All-State, I would still come out of the process a much better musician,” Stadelmann said.

Karl auditioned for the All-State Choir.

“I wanted to become a better musician and challenge myself to do my best,” Karl said.

Both musicians had different ways of preparing.

Stadelmann practiced half an hour on every week day and an hour and a half on weekends.

“The pieces were difficult to learn at first, but once I was solid on the notes and rhythms, the rest of the work revolved around articulations, dynamics, intonation and style,” Stadelmann said.

Meanwhile, Karl had a different schedule for practicing.

“The times when I practiced on my own were very spaced out, but I usually practiced for at least a solid 40 minutes,” Karl said.

Fay auditioned for All-State Band and Orchestra on flute. Even though she was accepted into the All-State Band last year, nerves were still something she had to deal with.

“To deal with nerves, I tried to prepare as much as I possibly could, so I had more confidence going in,” Fay said.

Fay was named 2nd alternate for All-State Band, while Sean Deegan was selected as the top clarinetists for All-State Band, Anna Garbe was named 1st alternate on baritone saxophone,  and Gus Brown was named   1st alternate for percussion.

For  All-State  Choir, Kristen Hovda, Macy Lembeck, Jackson Miller, and Brady Christensen were selected with Maria Brown as an alternate.

The All-State Music Festival will take place November 15-17. The selected musicians will rehearse those three days and perform in a concert in the evening of the 17th.


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