The band marches on

Abigail Todd, A&E writer

With their fifth consecutive Division I rating and a high score of 77.4 at the State Large Group Festival, the Xavier Marching Band wrapped up their competitive season with a bang. As the season winds down, members of the band, including senior drum major Callie Fay, reminisce on this year’s season.

“When I leave Xavier, I will remember, most, all the little things that I appreciate about marching band. For example, I’ll always remember the fun we had on the bus rides back from competitions or the beauty of the practice field covered in mist before the sun comes up,” Fay said.

Director Ms. Kelli Swehla hopes the students’ appreciation for music has grown throughout this season, and that working well with others is a skill they have gained or strengthened.

“Unlike many other activities, band is the only one where everyone participates at the same time. It is a great life skill to learn from and depend on one another” Swehla said. “I just hope that all my students gain a love for music that they will take with them forever. Whether they major in it, play for Mass, or just play their instrument sometimes, it is important to continue to embrace it.”

Marching band, along with other activities, brings people together in a way that Fay describes as a family.

“We really get close to one another during the marching band season because we spend so much time together. This camaraderie and closeness between everyone makes the most grueling rehearsals worthwhile,” Fay said. “We have fun at competitions, especially when we do well, but sometimes we have just as much fun at our early morning and late night rehearsals because we are all in it together.”

Teamwork and determination have led the Marching Saints to a season high score of 80.2, Division I ratings,  and an overall successful season.