Best of both worlds

Abigail Todd, A&E Writer

Many students enrolled in Xavier High School are involved in different extracurricular activities throughout the year. A student could be playing volleyball one semester, and singing in show choir the next or playing football and then acting in the spring play. But imagine how difficult and challenging it must be to do two activities at the same time?

Junior Mary Ferden is one example of how dedication pays off as she takes on the task of participating in both marching band and varsity cheerleading during the fall season.

“I do both band and cheer because I enjoy being a part of both and showing school spirit in different ways,” Ferden said.

Director Ms. Kelli Swehla encourages this behavior and claims that if the task becomes difficult, teachers and students can make it work.

“When I was in high school, I was in everything music, everything drama and in four sports. I think being involved in your school is an essential part of the high school experience. Learning how to be apart of various teams is also important and very real world,”  Ms. Swehla said. “I think Mary being apart of cheerleading illustrates this. It works out! If you want to be in both, we’ll make it work. I think it’s great she’s doing it.”

Besides Ferden, there are other students in marching band who are currently participating in other activities or sports.

“We also have other cheerleaders, a dance team member, and football/cross country/swim team members. You learn a lot about yourself as a student when you learn to manage these things and continue to contribute,” Ms. Swehla said.

Through hard work and dedication, the Xavier Marching Saints earned second place on September 22 at the Linn-Mar Marching Invitational with a score of 69.6 out of 100.

The Marching Saints’ next competition is Saturday, October 6 at Kingston Stadium.

Junior Mary Ferden plays the marimba during the first pep assembly of the year.
Mrs. Kellie Wagner Photo.