Tanko takeover

Michele Barnum , News Writer

One junior student has stepped up to continue Mary’s Meals at Xavier. Elizabeth Tanko has taken over John Pape’s (X18) coordinator role of Mary’s Meals. This organization is a global movement used to provide help to those in extreme poverty in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Mary’s Meals provides nutritious meals to students in need so that they may be able to focus on their education. Research has shown students who learn while not suffering from hunger, retain information better and have a more positive outlook on school. Thanks to Mary’s Meals, many children are able to receive an education and have at least one meal per day.

Pape brought Mary’s Meals to Xavier and was the lead coordinator. After he graduated last year, there had been no one to take over his role until Tanko stepped up. Tanko said she did not want this organization to end.

“I finally get a direct way to change things in this world, and it helps me fully contribute to people in need,” Tanko said.

Tanko is looking for ways to get more students involved and donating. She put posters up around the school, presented  at XCEED, wrote Twitter posts, and made announcements over the intercom. Several teachers are looking forward to what Tanko is going to bring to this organization.

“Ellie will be amazing. She is a hard worker and will bring new, innovative ideas to an already great collection,” theology teacher and campus ministry staff member, Mrs. Erica Ireland said.

Tanko will begin to accept donations during homecoming week in Xcel classrooms.

“I’m looking forward to challenging my classmates to donate as much as they can to a cause I care about,” Tanko said.

It only costs $19.50 to feed one child for a whole school year, but the satisfaction of helping a child in need lasts a lifetime.