Girls in Scouts

Kieran Coe, Opinion Writer

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The Boy Scouts of America are soon going to do something they’ve never done before: allow girls to be a part of the program. All young women in the United States, ages 11-17, will be allowed to participate. This has resulted in many mixed reactions from our country, but most people do not know the true reasoning behind the new rule, and why it is completely necessary.

The notion that Boy Scouts, soon to be renamed Scouts BSA, only allowed girls into the organization because of society and the feminist movement is wrong. The main reason is the number of young men in Boy Scouts are dropping, and they need more members. Allowing girls to join opens up the program to half the population, and can help the Boy Scouts grow. In order to raise their numbers they are trying this solution.  Feminists pressuring the Boy Scouts to allow girls to join is mostly just coincidental.

I have been in Boy Scouts since I was 11, and as an Eagle Scout I know this program helps one become a better person in nearly all aspects of life, from wilderness survival to investing in savings bond. Now that girls are able to join, they too will be able to experience this. A common complaint is that this stops Boy Scouts from being just a boy’s activity.While this is somewhat true, girls will have their own troops, so there won’t even be a mix of boys and girls in the same troop.

Allowing girls to join may be one of the best moves the Boy Scouts of America could’ve made to increase numbers. So no, feminists have not “ruined Boy Scouts.”  Now every youth, male or female, in the United States can work hard, achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, and make a lasting impact on society.

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Girls in Scouts