The importance of Beginning Journalism

Derrick Voss, A&E Writer

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There is a quality class at Xavier that is completely overlooked at Xavier. Most see Mrs. Wagner’s Beginning Journalism as just a precursor to get on the Newspaper. However, I improved my English skills and more specifically, my writing skills, more than I did in my English II class. It was definitely my favorite class sophomore year and I feel as if it is not appreciated as it should be. It is less of a stepping stone to The Xpress, and more of a tool to form yourself into the most well-rounded person as you approach adulthood.

Beginning Journalism isn’t a cake walk, you get out what you put in. If you want to enjoy the class like I did you need to look at it as more than a class, more than just another extra-curricular, you need to look at it as a means to improve yourself as the total person. Because not only are you going to intake a lofty amount of tips and tricks for writing and designing for newspaper, but you are also going to learn how to blog, how to convey your feelings and emotions into writing, and most importantly, Mrs. Wagner is going to give you advice on how to make your high school years and beyond as enjoyable as they can be. The class also incorporates the most important tool for me in high school which is time management.

Most take this class as a sophomore, not the most difficult year academically, but usually the most stressful when it comes to your social life. Sophomore year is the year that as students get more comfortable with high school life, so friend groups change, intimate relationships form, and the upperclassmen begin to integrate you into Xavier society. With the social chaos involved with sophomore year, it is nice to have a safe environment you can retreat to, which for me was Beginning Journalism. I learned things from Mrs. Wagner that helped me cope with the rapid changes that were occurring. Mrs. Wagner helps you stay sane while also improving your skills needed for writing and designing.

Even if you do not want to be on the newspaper, I recommend that you take Beginning Journalism anyway. Because not only is it fun with the movies and getting to see your peers’ designs, but it also helps you develop into the quality person you want to be. If you do not take Beginning Journalism, try to get to know Mrs. Wagner because she was a pivotal aspect of my growth as a Xavier student.

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