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Claire Delaney, A&E Writer

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Whether your news comes from Twitter, the TV, or a newspaper, respect the opinion of the person who took the time to write it. With all of the crazy events happening with our President and his advisers, to what people hear in a voice recording, we need to find the right events to voice our opinions. While people either heard Yanny or Laurel, there was hardly any mention of bombings in the Middle East or the rapid change in climate. Is Yanny or Laurel really that important at the end of the day? Eight students and two teachers were killed on May 18, 2018 and I hardly heard any coverage until three days later.

Our news feeds have become cluttered with opinions that are not contributing anything of value to society. Personally, I don’t care about a Twitter poll asking if someone’s hair should be kept long or short. Tell me something new about President Trump’s policies. Explain the lack of mental health funding in America. Teach me something that I can use to make the world better.

As a generation, we are so quick to post immediately what we think without thinking “does this matter?” or “does anyone actually need to know this?”. I am also guilty of tweeting irrelevant things or not voicing my opinion on actual news. We are the generation who has so much power and can be great activists for a change, but we instead post about pointless memes or tweet about people.

So before you post a rude comment or subtweet someone, think to yourself, “what does this actually contribute?” “Is this making an impact that is positive?”. Be the person who makes our generation known for something powerful and not something irrelevant. Make your social media presence relevant.

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Make social media relevant