To Abigail Helen Globokar,


Tim Globokar, Assistant Opinion Editor

Abby, where has the time gone? It feels like yesterday when Andy and I were playing with toy cars next to the hospital bed with mom holding you, raising frogs in our window sill together, or arguing over who was chewing with their mouth open. You have grown up so beautifully and you have become so smart. As I depart for the next journey in my life, you also depart for yours. High school can be a roller coaster. At times it can be amazing, fun, and productive, while others can be frustrating, depressing, and disappointing. You will hear some great advice going in, such as: go to dances, cheer at games, don’t procrastinate, etc. As an experienced veteran, here are a few different pieces of advice people won’t tell you.

First, get to know the lunch ladies, janitors, and office workers who don’t often get appreciated. They are fun, loving, and care about  students more than most. Show them they are appreciated. I will always remember things such as my inside jokes with Rich and my weekly check-ins with Mrs. Naeve to avoid class. These little things can make their day, and even yours.

Use the chapel. If I had a dollar for every time I used the chapel during junior year, I wouldn’t even need to worry about college. This act alone has helped keep my faith life strong over the past four years. If you are having a stressful day, ask a teacher if you can go to the chapel for a bit. Sitting in prayer, contemplation, or even in my own tears is a great way to alleviate a stressful week. With this, utilize campus ministry. Mrs. Ireland and Mrs. Esker probably know me better than anyone else in this school because of all the times I came in to rant to them about something. Likewise, I probably know them more than most because of the amount of times they ranted to me. They are wonderful people who are always ready to listen or talk when needed.

Finally, smile or say hi to people on your way to class. I have started to do this more this last year. This simple act can brighten someone’s day or can help start a conversation with someone you haven’t talked to much before. This has helped me get to know the wonderful people of Xavier.

This may be a super exciting, scary, or anxious time for you, waiting to start year one of high school. There will be lots of new faces this fall, but some of those new faces will become your best friends in the next four years. Stay involved, talk to teachers, cheer at games, go to dances, follow my simple suggestions and you will have an amazing four years here. Look to the future with a smile and a new iPad, and get to work.


Timothy Globokar

Assistant Opinion Editor