Phones and backpacks

Lauren Nelson, Opinion Writer

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Ever since April 20, 1999, when two boys walked into Columbine High School with semi-automatic guns to murder their classmates, schools have been trying to keep students safe while also making sure they won’t be distracted from their education. Because of this, schools began enforcing  different rules in an attempt to protect their students. One of these rules refuses to allow students to bring phones or backpacks into class. This however, will not help anything.

Taking away phones is taking away a student’s form of communication with their family and friends who aren’t at school. If an emergency were to happen, students should be able to text or call their parents to tell them they are okay. To take this away could be taking away a kid’s last words to their parents in an emergency situation. Instead, schools often see phones as a potential danger in emergency situations. Phones can make noise, but that can easily be turned off. Taking away phones would be more dangerous due to the fact that it is cutting off the student’s communication with the outside world and is not setting them up for the next step in their lives.

Backpacks in schools are even less dangerous than cellphones in classrooms. Some schools already have security cameras, dress codes, and the need to be buzzed into the school if coming late. Taking away backpacks is an unnecessary precaution. It is just taking away an easy option for kids to carry the supplies they need for class. Most kids I talk to rarely use their locker, if at all. Their backpack is their portable locker and is overall a much faster and more convenient option for students. I understand the potential of a predator walking in with a backpack containing a gun, knife, or other illegal substance, but taking away backpacks isn’t going to solve this potential problem. To be honest, if someone wants to bring a gun into school, they will find a way. Students need backpacks to carry all of their things, whether that’s a textbook, iPad, gum, or an inhaler.

All-in-all, students need their phones and backpacks. Whether that is so they can contact their family in time of crisis or to carry their books to class, they need these items in this day and age. Schools need to realize these solutions may not be as effective as they think  and may only cause more problems.

Lauren Nelson

Opinion Writer

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Phones and backpacks