Stations of the Cross

Jenae Marshall, News Writer

Xavier students attend the Stations of the Cross every year, but many do not necessarily know how much time goes into preparing for the service. The Stations of the Cross consist of 14 stations, which represent the events leading to Jesus’ death. The Stations are a symbolic pilgrimage from station to station and reflect on Jesus’ condemnation and death. At each station, people pause and reflect on specific events, offering songs and prayers, most often on Holy Thursday, the first day of the Triduum. This year, Holy Thursday fell on March 29th.

Several students at Xavier came together, under the direction of Xavier English teacher and drama director Ms. Sarah Hayes, to present a visual production of the Stations of the Cross on this day. The group consists of over 20 students including tech crew, musicians, and actors.

Senior Nolan Pithan has participated in the Stations of the Cross the past four years. “I participated in Stations because I have always considered it important to give everyone a special way to reflect on the Stations of the Cross and the chance to see them come alive on stage,” Pithan said.

Pithan has participated in the Stations of the Cross by composing some of the songs  used in the past with fellow senior Tristen Perreault. Pithan started to prepare for the event about two months ago by writing music and making changes to the script. In the weeks leading up to the performance, he worked with the vocalists to give his music and lyrics a voice. In addition to all the work Pithan and Perreault did, the group rehearsed four to five times prior to Holy Thursday. The students did a large amount of preparation on their own before they came together.

“I am entirely grateful to be given the opportunity to work with so many amazing and passionate students who strive to create an environment of prayer and reflection,” Hayes said.

This event is open to the public, as well as the students and faculty at Xavier each year.

Jenae Marshall

News Writer