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Lauryn Montuoro, Opinion Writer

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Standing in the wings, nerves building up, sweaty hands, and heavy breathing. This is what I experienced before singing in front of a couple dozen people, which was something I never could have imagined myself doing. I used to be the person who stuck to what was normal and comfortable. Whenever something required an extra push, I always found myself backing out because I was scared to fail. This all changed when my voice teacher had challenged me to try the state solo contest. Not able to set my ego aside, I accepted the challenge. I knew this would be opening a new door for me, but what my voice teacher said to me next still resonates in my mind today.
I said, “I’m so out of my comfort zone, I don’t think I can do this.” My vocal coach replied, “Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.” As cheesy as it sounds, it’s one hundred percent true. I walked out in front of everyone with a confidence I’ve never felt before. After that experience, I was constantly trying to find ways to help myself to grow by getting outside of my typical norm.

Society has a problem with sticking to what is safe and not trying anything that might be out of the ordinary. Imagine a football player taking a dance class, or a theater performer playing soccer. These things seem out of the ordinary, but it can help them with social skills, physical skills, and it builds a more positive mentality. The first step is to learn to not be afraid to fail. Being afraid of failure is what holds you back, it held me back from trying new things for years. Veering off into this new mindset can be stressful and hard at first, but your skills will improve, you may meet new people, and the memories you make are irreplaceable.

I never could’ve seen myself singing alone in front of everyone or being a wrestling cheerleader. I couldn’t imagine going on Fear Factor live in Disney World or bungee jumping from hundreds of feet up. These were all things that would’ve scared me before I heard ten important words: “Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.” Are you going to let the fear of failure hold you back from experiencing new things? Get out of your comfort zone and let the magic happen.

Lauryn Montuoro

Opinion Writer

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