HOSA Health Fair


Kris Naeve, Sydney Harris, and Claire Delaney serve fresh salsa to students during lunch. Ellie McDermott Photo.

Maddye Cavanagh, News Assistant Editor

For the past several years, Xavier’s Mini Health Fair has been put on by the school nurse, Kris Naeve. With help from Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), the fair was held on February 28 during the school day. Many health professionals were in attendance and provided students with different opportunities and resources.

The Mini Health Fair kicked off during lunch. Chips and homemade salsa were one of the many snacks served and the ingredients could possibly be grown in the Xavier garden next fall. During the fall, produce including tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden are served regularly at lunch.

During Xcel, students were able to meet with over 10 different vendors, each advertising a different profession.

“Students had the opportunity to ask experts in their field everyday health questions and get answers they may not be able to seek out otherwise,” Naeve said. “The vendors attending were experts in their fields and were excited to answer questions or share their passion with teens. They come prepared to target the teen population.”

Some vendors included the Cedar Rapids Police Department, physical therapists, dentists, and iGym. Students were encouraged to try out a multitude of activities, such as yoga, cryotherapy, and dermascan screenings, which allowed students to know the health of their skin.

Over 50 students attended the fair, which was held in Xavier’s main entryway. One of the students who attended the fair was junior Hanna Jasper.

“I liked seeing all the different types of careers and how they help you stay healthy,” Jasper said. “A lot of vendors gave out prizes like gym memberships or candy.”

HOSA plans on continuing the Mini Health Fair and hopes to expand it in the future.

Maddye Cavanagh

News Assistant Editor