Teresa Daubitz runs for House


Teresa Daubitz participates in the Iowa Caucus.

Maddye Cavanagh, News Assistant Editor

This year, Cedar Rapids’ very own Teresa Daubitz has decided to run for the Iowa House of Representatives after working as a social worker for over 20 plus years. She hopes to meet the needs of the Cedar Rapids community and be the voice for House District 66. This is her first time running for office. Even though she is running as a Republican, she wants to listen to everyone’s opinions and work for the common good of all Iowans.

“I want voters to know that once she gets started on something, she doesn’t slow down until it’s complete. She is also the most approachable person I know. If you want to talk politics or even Pinterest recipes you want to try, she is your lady,” daughter and Xavier senior Ella Daubitz said. “She has juggled raising four kids and a full-time job and has never missed any show choir or athletic events her kids have been in. She is superwoman.”

T. Daubitz has had the help and support from her family during her campaign. Daubitz’s campaign focuses on making changes that will benefit the community. Her goal is to improve the funding of mental health systems, create a better Medicaid system that works with providers and recipients, and support all areas of education.

“I have had so many experiences-losing a job, qualifying for food stamps, working full-time to pay for and attend college,” T. Daubitz said. “All of those ‘been there, done that’ moments that many in our community experience.” Daubitz has wanted to run for the Iowa House of Representatives for the past four to five years, but with four children at home, the timing was never right.

The main goal for Daubitz is to be the voice for her community and to provide help for others.

“As a compassionate conservative, I think it is important that we help all those in need, but in a fiscally responsible manner,” T. Daubitz said. She will be competing for one of the 100 seats open for election this year. The election will be held on November 6.

Maddye Cavangah

News Assistant Editor