GIBA opens new doors

Syd Walther, Sports Writer

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Sometimes time and life get in the way of the love of a game. Senior Grace Miller struggled with this when she had to give up her basketball career as she entered her busy, time-consuming junior year. Fast forward to her senior year, and Miller has prompted the creation of Girls’ Intramural Basketball(GIBA).

“I played basketball from  fourth to tenth grade and it always was a big part of my life,” Miller said. “It was really hard after I quit because I still loved the game so much.”

However, the creation of GIBA is not just for Miller and her friends; GIBA is meant to create fun and start-up, or rekindle, an old hobby.

“For a lot of we played basketball when we were little and in middle school,” senior Charlotte Richards said. “A lot of us want to start getting back into the game as a hobby.”

There are 55 girls signed up; enough to create eight teams. Each player is excited for different reasons.

Miller aims to create a fun-filled atmosphere for all of the girls playing and the spectators.

“Some of us missed playing basketball and wanted a fun environment to play in, so we talked to Mrs. Augustine and she had said she would be our moderator,” Miller said. “I’m most excited to get everyone together and just have a good time with the teams and the games.”

Richards, on the other hand, is looking for an opportunity to redeem herself.

“I am most excited to start playing basketball again. I haven’t played basketball since eighth grade so I’m really looking forward to it,” Richards said. “I need to redeem myself and my basketball skills because in eighth grade I shot a basket and made it, but it was in the other team’s hoop.”

Their games begin in March and are free for all to attend.

Syd Walther

Sports Writer

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GIBA opens new doors