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Camryn McPherson, Photo Editor

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“Maybe next time.” Sound familiar? I’ve heard that a time or two, or a thousand. I’ve always been a good student, turned in homework on time, did well on most tests, listened in class, and raised my hand when I felt brave enough. I’ve been pretty good in my faith, but like most of us, I could be better. I’ve always gone over my service hour requirement, and I have and always will go the extra mile for someone who needs help. But sometimes it seems my efforts are still not enough.

I’ve been told ever since freshman year to apply for and try everything; colleges love that. So that’s what I did. My introverted self tried speech and photography. I was involved in all the clubs colleges love, but I was told I needed to do more. As the end of sophomore year rolled around, all my friends were applying to be in National Honors Society, and again, I was told colleges love it. So, I looked into it and found out my GPA wasn’t good enough. My GPA was 3.72, which was awesome to me, it seemed good enough to qualify, but it was not. Surprise, surprise, I was told “maybe next time.”

As senior year rolled around, I really wanted to make my last year count. I applied to be a senior mentor, ambassador, Key Club officer, and a Kairos leader, but I wasn’t accepted to any of them. I understand some of those positions are difficult to receive, but I thought I would maybe get at least one. I had all the requirements, I’ve done plenty of things for the Xavier community, and I’ve stayed out of trouble. My question became, was I ever even in consideration?

This question has followed me around for a while. I began to start wondering if I was good enough or smart enough, but I finally came to the conclusion that there’s a reason for everything. I’ve been told that rejection is God’s way of saying “wrong direction,” and I’m starting to believe it. I believe that each and every one of us is destined to lead an amazing life. It will not matter if you get that leadership position or made it on the team; your life will be extraordinary no matter what.

But as they always say, if one door closes, another one opens.  Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school basketball team, but look at him now. I’ve realized some things have worked out for the better. Take not getting a leader position on Kairos, for example. Now that I know I won’t be one, I’ve been able to stop trying so hard to impress people and teachers with my faith, and I’ve started to enjoy my faith and make it my own. After a crazy first semester, I realized I wouldn’t have had time to be a Key Club officer. Each of these examples show while I didn’t get the things I may have wanted, I don’t need them. I’ve discovered that while I may not be the most faithful, the most talented, or the smartest, I’m pretty good and should appreciate the gifts God has given me. I will be presenting at a journalism conference in San Francisco over photography, my photography will be featured in an art show in Des Moines, and now I get to spend every week designing the cover for The Xpress. As I move onto college, I’m going to focus on what I’m good at and change the world with my talents.

Saints, there will always be people who will get the things you want. There will be people who are the favorites, people who are a little bit smarter, and people who make you feel small. But remember, you are destined for amazing things and high school is just a small step in your life. Keep trying new things, keep reaching for new goals, because you are going to change the world.

Camryn McPherson

Photo Editor

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Close a door, open a window