Xavier President-Principal Model

Jenae Marshall, News Writer

The Xavier administration will include a new position beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. Xavier has decided to change to a President-Principal Model. This means there will be two leadership positions within the school: a president and a principal. Switching to this model will allow both Xavier High School and the Xavier Foundation to be under a shared governance structure. Ever since Xavier opened, the high school and the foundation have been two separate entities.

The foundation’s main role is to pay off loans from the construction of the school with the help of parishes, donors, and tuition payments. In the President-Principal Model, the president’s responsibilities will lie with both the school and the foundation.

“They (the president) become the face of Xavier. The most important part of this is that the principal’s new role is the day-to-day operation of the school,” Principal Tom Keating said.

The president will do a lot of envisioning to plan the future of the school, while the principal will continue to perform day-to-day tasks that a high school requires. With this model, the principal can work with teachers and interact with the students more frequently. The goal is to allow the principal to have more flexibility to get into the academic and faith environment within the school.

“This allows the Foundation and fundraising to be brought under the responsibility of the president, frees up the principal to concentrate on academic and school related goals, and allows the president to work on longer range strategic objectives while assisting the principal and director of development in achieving their very important goals for Xavier High School,” Xavier School Board Chair Member, Lorie Hines said.

Xavier believes the President-Principal Model will be beneficial for the future of Xavier and its students.

Jenae Marshall

News Writer