Catholic Schools Week


Senior Caleb Burken and junior Chloe Kepros lead middle school students in song at the Catholic Schools Week Mass. Camryn McPherson Photo.

Maddye Cavanagh, News Assistant Editor

Catholic schools are not just about content or curriculum for Xavier English teacher Ms. Sarah Hayes. Hayes has celebrated 26 Catholic Schools Weeks and nine of them have been with Xavier High School.

“I want my students to be able to read and write well, but more importantly, I want them to be good people,” Hayes said. “Catholic schools are a place where we can discuss morality and faith. The students I see in the halls every day  are good people who are going to go on to do amazing things, to be ambassadors for Christ in their actions and words. I think that deserves to be celebrated.”

From January 29 through February 2, Xavier High School celebrated Catholic Schools Week with a variety of activities. Students dressed up according to different themes and celebrated Mass with LaSalle, Regis, and St. Joseph middle schools on Tuesday, January 30. In addition to Mass, students brought in food and toiletries to not only earn spirit points, but to help the less fortunate.

The food drive was organized by Xavier’s student senate to benefit the Catherine McAuley Center and Hawkeye Area Community Action Program.

“Mass is my favorite part about Catholic Schools Week,” junior Sara Noronha said. “I think it is really cool that we come together and celebrate being Catholic.”

Students were asked to wear their primary school color to the Mass. The Mass was presided by Father Mark Reasoner of St.Jude parish. This month’s offertory collection was split between all the organizations Xavier and the middle schools had been supporting throughout the week.

Throughout the week students dressed in different themes for each day. Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was dress code for Mass, Wednesday was American attire, Thursday was Hawaiian apparel, and Friday was sports attire.

“I think the dress up days are the best part about Catholic Schools Week,” senior Andrew Millsap said. “I like how the students get to vote on the dress up days.”

Catholic Schools Week celebrated the opportunity Xavier students have to live their faith in school.

Students from LaSalle, Regis, and St. Joseph Middle Schools celebrate Catholic Schools Week Mass at Xavier.
Nick Ireland Photo.

Maddye Cavanagh

News Assistant Editor