The family man

Michele Barnum, Beginning Journalism Writer

The circus is a way to bring families together. Many people go to the circus to experience happiness, with all the vibrant colors and entertaining acts. Phineas Taylor Barnum, the creator of the Barnum circus, was able to bring families together through the circus. All of these reasons make Barnum a good person.


The first time I experienced this type of joy was when I went to a Barnum and Bailey museum. I was seven when I went to the museum in Georgia. The artifacts and wax figures amazed me and I was able to see famous people portrayed in wax figures. Barnum was able to create these museums to show people what they may not otherwise experience anywhere else.


Barnum has brought joy to my family since before I was born. Each time we see something with the name Barnum on it, it brings a sense of pride to us, because we know that our ancestor created something good.


Barnum was able to give jobs to those who were unable to find work. He created a legacy that will last forever.


The Showman helped support different movements. He supported the temperance movement, which was against the use of alcohol, because he believed that alcohol was bad for people. He also helped support animal rights with ASPCA.


Some people could argue that Barnum was an awful person, simply because many believed he used the people he put in his show and did not care about them. Yet, he was able to give these people jobs, when no one else would. Others believed that he was a fraud and was in the business for money. However, Barnum was not in it for the money, but instead he was in it for the families that came to the shows.

This man was able to prove to the world that happiness is a vital trait needed in lives. Barnum was able to produce a traveling circus that was in service for 140 years. People should know that he was an amazing person who thought about others and was able to bring families together.