Catholic school closing

Jenae Marshall, News Writer

St. Ludmila Elementary School has decided to close its doors at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. The school is located at 215 21st Avenue SW in Cedar Rapids and feeds into LaSalle Middle School, which is located a few miles away. Students in preschool through second grade attend St. Jude before moving onto St. Ludmila for third and fourth grade. After attending St. Ludmila, most students attend LaSalle Middle School and then Xavier High School.

Many kids have attended St. Ludmila in the past, but numbers continually decrease each year. The board had been discussing what was best for the Holy Family School System for a few years, and came to the conclusion that they could either close the school or increase tuition. The board decided that closing the school and downsizing from three buildings to two would be best for all involved.

The school board also concluded that moving the kids out of St. Ludmila and to St. Jude would be beneficial because it would create a community that is compact and more united.

Ellen Welch, a senior at Xavier High School, went through the Holy Family School System. She is upset that her old elementary school is closing, but thinks it will make a positive impact on the community in the long run.

“The kids will be missing out on the great teachers and the impact that they have on their students, as well as the fun and positive atmosphere in the classrooms,” Welch said.

Chief Administrator Kimberly Graven said educators who work directly with third and fourth graders will most likely be asked to switch buildings and work at St. Jude Elementary next year. She also said managing two sections instead of three would allow Holy Family to be able to increase student enrollment and maintain two sections more efficiently.

Jenae Marshall

News Writer