Scott recognizes teachers

Jenae Marshall, News Writer

Two role models in the Xavier High School community influenced Drew Scott enough that he nominated them to be recognized at a national level. Scott graduated from Xavier in 2013 and continues his education at Kansas State University, where he plays football. He was one of the Big 12 student athletes in the conference’s “Champions for Life” campaign, which consists of students who excel in the classroom, on the field, and have benefitted from attaining an athletic scholarship. The students who are chosen for this campaign were told to select a teacher or teachers who impacted their life during their educational career. Scott chose Coach Duane Schulte and Mr. Mike Goldsmith.

“I remember him because his freshman year he debated on even going out for football, and I remember talking to him about the pros and cons of playing football,”  Coach Schulte said. “It’s an honor to have someone with his character and integrity nominate me.”

In addition to being the head football coach, Coach Schulte teaches Law and Economics at Xavier .

“Coach Schulte makes sure everyone is striving for improvement every day,” Scott said. “His integrity is what I respect most about him. Putting family, faith, and others above himself is something I hope is said about me and is the reason the impact is so big.”

His second nominee was social studies teacher Mr. Goldsmith. “This came so out of the blue. It was really kind of shocking,” Goldsmith said. “The thing I want to emphasize is that this is not my award, this is Drew Scott and his family’s award. My name is just on a plaque, but this is an award for their family.”

Both Schulte and Goldsmith will receive a $1,000 grant to be used for a classroom project and for teaching supplies. The grants are intended to provide resources for the teachers to continue their exceptional teaching, and it acknowledges the importance of talented teachers in the United States. Goldsmith plans on using his grant to make his classroom more suitable to teach big and small groups of students. He wants to meet the needs of all the students, and make his room more functional for tutoring and one-on-one opportunities.  Teachers all over the nation are making an impact on their students like Coach Schulte and Mr. Goldsmith did on Drew Scott.

Jenae Marshall

News Writer